about me

Born in a small town, in a big family, I learned from an early age that one could use their imagination to escape reality. So I cultivated my creativity, building mind palaces, which gave me shelter and helped me perceive the outside world as a wonderful and interesting place.
After finishing an art high school and continuing with an art college, I started using my way of seeing things in advertising, receiving in return new skills such as visual and verbal storytelling, adapted to a target audience.
Soon after, I discovered Branding and this was the biggest cornerstone in expressing my creativity because it gave me a solid thinking structure to support my creative hunger.
I use branding architecture as a wireframe to create stories; the brand I work for is giving me the subject and the message, while the target audience is giving me tonality.
For me, every client is situated right in the center of their growing world, driven by the need of making an impact on their audience.


REBRANDING get confused with logo making, every future effort to make the business grow – business strategy, advertising, social media content, price setting, promotion – fails and no one knows why.

BRANDING & REBRANDING means setting the foundation for A BUSINESS TO THRIVE. If the foundation is not stable, everything else shakes and crumbles.

BRAND STORY that owners and employees can relate to is crucial for the process.

Drawing up a BRAND STRATEGY that sets the brand mission, brand promise for the stakeholders or end consumers and the positioning of the brand ensures a clear correlation between NAMING & VISUAL IDENTITY and BUSINESS SUCCESS, by making sure that every interaction with the target audience generates the desired impact.

My name is Alexandru Neculae and I work with A TEAM OF THE BEST SPECIALISTS from every connected field, to make sure every aspect listed above is well taken care of.