Top Seeds started as an idea of ​​a young Romanian entrepreneur, 27 years old, from a county in South-Eastern Romania with a great agricultural power, agrarian tradition, favorable climate and fertile land – Ialomița county – at the intersection of trade roads which connects the capital of Romania with the Black Sea coast, Moldova and the center of the country.

The knowledge, experience and passion for agriculture, but also for the business area, guided Daniel Bâja, the founder of Top Seeds in launching and growing his business, from a local business selling and distributing seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, fuel to a national company that offers complete services to Romanian farmers, including transport services, storage, grain trading, as well as a range of certified seeds under its own brand.

In 12 years, Top Seeds has developed rapidly, listing on the stock exchange and being on the verge of becoming one of the most important players in the country.

In order to reflect in the brand image the evolution of the business in all these years of existence, TOP SEEDS updates its visual identity in accordance with the evolution of the visual culture of the main target of entertainment consumption habits.

TOP SEEDS provides farmers with all the necessary tools (products, equipment), of exceptional quality, to achieve the COMPLETE CYCLE IN AGRICULTURE at LEVEL OF EXCELLENCE: plowing (diesel), sowing, plant protection treatment, harvesting, transport and storage.

TOP SEEDS supports the development of agriculture in Romania and the increase of crop quality, providing farmers with the necessary knowledge, as well as the products they need to put them into practice and to become more efficient from year to year.


TOP SEEDS is a ONE-STOP-SHOP: SUPPLIER OF INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS IN AGRICULTURE, delivered to the level of excellence, which provides farmers with everything they need, from seeds of exceptional quality to plant treatments, crop transport and storage .