BINE MERCI is the facilitator that makes both the online shopping and the delivery experience easier, more pleasant and convenient, for everyone, whether you’re tech savvy or a noob.


BINE MERCI aims at breaking the pattern of its category, through an emotional, funny and loyalty-building approach, promoting the no-stress factor of online shopping delivery: the possibility to personally pick up the package ordered online, whenever best suits your schedule. This way, both shopper and packages are doing “bine merci”/ “just fine”, without the usual stress related to waiting for the courier at the right place and time.


This colloquial expression “BINE MERCI” aspires to gain sympathy for the brand and convey the feeling of well-being that this type of delivery gives you.

MEANING OF GENERAL PHRASE: “BINE MERCI” is used to express a state of calmness, serenity, without any care, no rush, no stress, a pleasant experience, lived in peace, just as everyone wants it to be.

MEANING OF BRAND NAME: Online shopping with personal pickup delivery gets the “BINE MERCI” attribute. The brand name has multiple meanings: you shop “Bine Merci”, without the stress of waiting for the courier, you pick them up “Bine Merci”, on your way around the city, and the packages wait for you ”Bine Merci”, for 3 days, without rushing you to come and collect them.


Conversational, sociable, simple, easy to understand, spontaneous, optimistic, offering all needed explanations, BINE MERCI talks in the voice of the funny friend within a group.

When there are serious topics involved, of course we take serious things seriously. You can count on BINE MERCI anytime, but that doesn’t mean that the brand won’t do everything it can to make the process more pleasant, by adding a little joke to every step of the process, like e-mail or SMS notifications, for instance.

No matter the topic, BINE MERCI will always see the full side of the package and will also convey this way of life to its public.

The volume of the logo, given by the parcels overlapped, symbolizes the state of relaxation, of peace, in which they spend time all interactions with the brand. And how the parcels wait comfortably, beautifully arranged, as on a couch, sitting at taclale, serene, just as serene it will come the consumer to pick up his order from locker.

Being a conversational brand, BIINE MERCI addresses clients in a he is assured in a personal, friendly way like any conversation, on any topic, it remains a pleasant one.
The speech bubble repeats squarely appearance of the brand the fact that all consumer experience will consist in pleasant dialogues.

Conversational,  sociable, simple, easy to understood, spontaneous, optimistic, offering explanations detailed, BINE MERCI is the the smart-funny friend.
Of course we are serious when we have serious things to talk about. You can count on BINE MERCI anytime, but that doesn’t mean he can’t do everything the process more pleasant, formulating in a way funny steps to go through. No matter what the topic, BINE MERCI will always find the positive side, the full side of the parcel and will also transmit it to the interlocutors way of seeing the world.