A lifetime passion for technology lead Agora Robotics team to take on a difficult MISSION, linked to a significant moment in history, as AI & AUTOMATION are changing WORK as we know it.

A deep tech company, AGORA ROBOTICS, aims to democratize operation of industrial robots & understanding of their usefulness, through flawless CX, UX and efficient robot fleet management.
“We’re dedicating our expertise and time to smoothen LIFE AT WORK FOR EMPLOYEES working with robots, by helping them understand, get accustomed to and make the best use of cobots: robots created for direct human-robot interaction. The benefit of collaborative robots is that they learn to integrate organically in the humans’ workflow, by contextualizing information, while humans gain time to deal with more meaningful, ADDED VALUE TASKS.”

Our purpose is to help companies improve PRODUCTIVITY through USABILITY and COST–EFFICIENCY, by using GREEN ROBOTS, created according to carbon footprint regulations.
The range of emotions humanity is currently experiencing is similar to the time when the computer was invented. Turns out history has a way of repeating itself.
It’s time to launch a device everyone loves to use, for its simplicity, intuitiveness and usefulness.



01. Agora Robotics brings together robots and humans, by making cobots: collaborative robots. We are passionate about technology and we care a lot about humans and humanity in general. We aspire to understand and shape the core of human-robot coevolution.

02. We know for a fact that automation is the future of work. We ensure a soft landing in this future for our clients and direct users by focusing on the ease-of-use. We democratize the use of industrial robots by flawless CX and UX.

03. Robots and living creatures are not alike, in any way. They will never be. We don’t make robots to resemble humans or animals, we make robots that are the best version of their robotic selves.

04. At Agora Robotics, weautomate everyday jobs of warehouse management and logistic processes, by helping reduce costs allocated to ongoing and neverending efforts of enrolment, on-boarding and training of new human resources.

05. We believe humans are naturally drawn to evolution and their existence is meant for more meaningful tasks. We ensure they have the time to do so, by letting robots deal with the mundane work. On a larger scale, our long term objective is helping blue collars turn – in due time, with all the necessary training – into white collars.

06. We are concerned about the future of the planet. That’s why we use the lowest possible carbon footprint, to create green robots, that can ensure an easier transition, for all companies, to a greener economy, making possible the 2050 NET ZERO objective..

TO decision makers in major companies or heads of logistics & warehouse management departments, who can influence decision makers, based on struggling with finding blue collar workforce for everyday jobs AGORA ROBOTICS is the robot maker THAT can train anyone in just 2h to use any robot, by simplifying it and making it intuitive & easy to use BECAUSE we reverse the process of building robots, starting with the ideal USER EXPERIENCE and going backwards to crafting technology in order to reduce the necessary control&maintenance actions to a minimum. We believe that using robots shouldn’t be an extra-task, it should make work life easier.