In 2022, 9 years after its establishment, with the takeover of the majority stake by SIMTEL TEAM, ANT Power Energy updates its brand image, to strengthen its position on the market.

The brand completely changes its visual identity, while the naming adopts a more compact formula and acquires a meaning deeply linked to the brand’s mission.

ANT ENERGY is an acronym for the brand’s mission:
Allying Nature and Technology for Energy.

Through the forecasting services offered, the company uses scientific tools to create an alliance between the elements of nature and the technology that captures their generating force, in the name of renewable energy.

both in the proper sense of the prediction for the next day, and in the figurative sense, of energy of the future, from renewable sources.

By providing essential information and clarifying technical concepts for the general public, ANT ENERGY makes it easier to understand the field in order to use renewable energy to its fullest potential

ANT ENERGY’s mission is to contribute, through the optimization services offered, to the growth of the renewable energy market in Romania.

In the long term, the brand promises to maintain the practice of continuous service improvement, so that it is the No. 1 choice of renewable energy companies, providing essential information and services for their development.


ANT ENERGY speaks as one absolute professional, whose language is characterized by scientific accuracy, using primarily specialized notions.

Thus, the brand discourse is primarily focused onaccuracy of data and on clarifying how to obtain the best performing results.